Friday, February 17, 2012

V is for Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! We started working on our activities for Valentine's Day last week and the kids had a blast!

 We made pink play doh and added in Valentine sprinkles for fun.
 I wanted Luke to make hearts but typical boy wanted to make a volcano that erupted with sprinkles.
 Using the pizza cutter for this was a big deal!
 Laila loved this.

 Working on counting with the candy hearts.
 My Valentine made me a card. He is so thoughtful. 
 Laila hard at work.
 For snack time we made love arrows. Luke is shooting me with one right now.
 Pretzels and heart shaped marshmallows.
 So while putting Sam down for a nap the kids got a hold of my paper towel roll. The whole roll was undone. I normally would have fussed but they were having so much fun!  They said they were making Halloween costumes. They had my tape roll putting the pieces together. It was really cute so I decided not to get mad and  helped them finish up! 
 Luke is some kind of creature with wings

 I love this kid!
 Sorting candy hearts.
 First time doing a graph. 

 Ended the week with a little camp out on the floor!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

S is for...

The past few weeks have been a little hectic. One week was spent going to the Dr. and recovering from ear infections and fever. The next week was spent catching up on household things. We managed to get a few activities in though!

We continued working on the letter S and other winter activities.
Laila loved sorting her shells.

She did a really good job!
 Snowflake matching was another big hit.

 Luke is really into cutting things these days. He's getting some practice in by cutting this snake.
 He really liked the end result.
 Homemade beignet with "snow" on top!
 Snowman dress up!
 Letter matching with a picture of Luke playing in the snow.
 Laila's attempt. Not bad for a 2 year old.

 Luke is getting really good at writing his letters.
 They found the twister mat in the toy closet and played with it for hours. Luke is making a car track with his letter bean bags.
 So proud!
 The next day they went fishing on it.
 Enjoying a day a the zoo!

 What would S week be without Sesame Street?

Sam's Spotlight!

Sam has been so much fun these days! He's crawling, pulling up,and even cruising a little bit! Here's some of the fun we've been having with Sam!

  Big sister adores him!
 Luke is his favorite.

Got some teeth this month. Top ones are on the way!

 Eating all kinds of stuff now! He loves pancakes and eggs.